About Our Company:


Annawa Foods is a food service company specializing in the famous Japanese food, Sushi!  A family operated business, originally established in Edgartown, Massachusetts in 1998, is now located in Norton Massachusetts.  Operating as ANI Sushi, we have provided sushi bar services, and fresh sushi delivery to major supermarkets in the New England area and Mid-West Region for over 15 years. Another major component of Annawa Foods is providing upscale restaurants with our experienced, superior quality Sushi Chef Program.  Our unwavering desire to provide quality products, and outstanding service to our customers, has driven us to broaden our business model.  In late 2010, our research and development team began investigating extended shelf life sushi and found that the products available to consumers were average at best, with little variety.  Thus, our team began their new mission: to develop a process that would provide extended shelf life sushi that has the quality, taste and texture of fresh sushi! 

            Our mission to be a leader in the sushi industry is reflected in our new business model.  We offer multiple service programs to fulfill your needs, depending on your location, size, sales volume and customer base.  Our Direct Store Delivery Program will provide you with fresh restaurant quality sushi for your customers.  This program is ideal for locations that can not accommodate a Sushi Bar Program.  The Sushi Bar Program is a key element to busy supermarkets, universities and corporate dining areas.  Sushi continues to be the healthy fast food trend.  An onsite chef preparing fresh sushi will create more interest and customer confidence, maximizing your sales.  Another industry trend is the hot food to go concept.  Our Hot Food Table Program provides a variety of Asian inspired dishes.  Our on-site chef will prepare restaurant quality food fresh daily that will compliment your current offerings.  Staying current in today’s market is critical. That is why Annawa Foods was compelled to develop a quality Extended Shelf Life Sushi Program.  Maximizing the shelf life of a delicate dish like sushi, without compromising quality and variety, is challenging.  Our dedicated research and development team have found the delicate balance between fresh ingredients, raw fish and extended shelf life.  Our breakthrough process provides fresh, appealing sushi products with a 5 – 7 day shelf life, guaranteeing fewer returns, fewer discards, more satisfied customers and greater profits for you.

            As a multi-service provider we will work with you to determine which program will serve you best.  Larger companies may utilize all of our services, depending on specific needs and store locations. 

Imagine the ease in providing all of your locations with quality sushi products with one call to the same company you can trust. With Annawa Foods you can rely on uniform, high quality sushi products to encompass all your food service needs, coupled with service that is efficient, courteous and dependable. 


Annawa Foods, Your Full Service Sushi Provider.